Friday, 21 August 2015

We are working with shit

Oh dear, when you drink too much beer your brain pours out things you got in mind for ages. And that's similar to what happens when programmers took lsd to make up their minds. At least, it's what I think it's comparable to as I've never tried LSD.

So, programmer, bitch! What? Bitch? Programmer? Yay. Ney? Yey!

Well, let's start a bit earlier in "history". When I started to develop applications I used Turbo Pascal but serious development was done with "Delphi 2" which, by the time, was still Borland! It was mind-blowing for me. You had a "form", dragged some buttons on it and entered the appropriate code for the event. This satisfaction didn't last long though. In school our teacher, who died early, taught us assembly. Woot? Yes, assembly. We all thought this is totally useless. I probably took a day or two to grasp the "idea" behind assembly. I had no clue. Really. But when I had an idea it was like "aaaaahhhh". Since then I started to develop "win32" applications in assembly and it was pure fun. When I was doing assembly I really had an understanding of everything I did. The applications I created were _simple_ and they worked...because they were simple. If you follow the assembly "scene", you will notice that most applications are simple and it's probably due to the fact that complex applications are hard to do in assembly. But that's not my point (good GUIs are hard in anything btw.).

Nowadays programmers are bitches. Bitches. Most of them have no idea of what they are doing anymore. I'm no different. And that's kind of sad. It's a tragedy as I'm realizing it.

I have the feeling that nowadays software economy is basically throwing shit on top of other shit. Please emphasize the word "shit". It's funny to read this. While reading this you will feel something familiar. Yay ;). Developers are discussing shit about how to implement shit on top of other shit. Now tell me what went wrong. This topics extent is by far more complex than anyone can imagine as it's not even related to software development and I can't understand anything of it but what I know is that we are working with shit.

Don't get me totally wrong. I'm more or less accepting the shit due to the money but it's not just a feeling that I'm working with shit day in day out. And what's worse is that I have the feeling that people who are creating big stuff really have no idea what they are doing there as they are building their shit on top of other shit which they have no deep knowledge of either. And to be honest; this is rubbish.

You are probably surviving the shit and you'll probably make money with shit but is this your goal as a software developer? Or aren't you just another binman?! I feel like a binman and I'm trying hard to change it now.